Northern Colorado Birth and Baby Resource List

This week my husband and I found the perfect place to call home in Loveland.  I spent an afternoon walking around with my girls and I am so excited to jump in to this community.  And my littlest one just turned two, which means I have been dreaming about having another baby for about 18 months.  If I can talk my husband into another baby, this is my plan:


Womb for Growth

Chiropractic care from day one of my pregnancy.  For sure.  Pregnancy is so taxing for me and I would love to try getting through pregnancy, birth, and the post-partum period with a more stable spine.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Airica Parker

An ‘old’ friend, who will soon be almost a neighbor.  Airica Parker is one of the most calming, loving people I know.  She offers healing massage in Fort Collins, and beautiful words to students at CSU and literary journals wise enough to publish her work.  Many years ago she offered to help me with a postpartum massage and should I find myself pregnant while we’re living in Loveland, massages from her will be a required part of every Mother’s Day, birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gift.


La Leche League of Fort Collins

Babies need to be fed, and I can’t see myself passing up the opportunity to breastfeed, even when it gets hard.  Which it has been with each of my babies.  I’m sure I’ll be a regular here, and meet some awesome mamas as well.


My Blossom Bottom

1. Cloth diapers are cute.  2.  They’re cheaper than paper diapers.  3. They’re arguably better for the environment.
4. I left all my cloth diapers with friends in Alaska.


The Birth Journey

I’m jumping in with this whether I ever have another baby or not!  I love birth.  I love talking about birth.  I am a junkie, and I can’t wait for my first meeting.  Birth is important.  Women and their stories are important.


Henna by Angela

Twice I have wanted to do henna while I was pregnant, twice I have gotten to the end of the pregnancy and gotten too grumpy.  If I have another pregnancy, henna would be the perfect way to reframe my thoughts in those final weeks.  To remind me to celebrate the final days of holding my kiddo instead of wishing them away in discomfort.  Plus, the henna would give me something to look at other than stretch marks.  That certainly sounds nice.


Northern Colorado Babywearers

Wearing a brand new baby is so wonderful.  It’s all the closeness and sweetness of being pregnant without all the discomfort.  Being able to smell your baby’s head and feel her sleeping on your chest.  So wonderful.


So there you have it.  Some day dreamy planning for another baby.  You can follow along with my Pinterest board for more wistful what if finds.  




Denver Birth Bloggers is doing a mid-month-mini-hop today!  Come check out some other birth luvin’ professionals in the area!

Lynn Leech, founder of Intuitive Hands PT, giving strength and wisdom to the often neglected pelvic floor:


Sarah Cody at birth play love gives a run down of the importance of eating organics:


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